Stop Kidding Yourself: There are NO ‘Strong Female Characters’ in Naruto

Note: This post may be edited in the future to add more detail and accuracy.

Why do we try so hard to try to find good female characters in a show that has none?

Anyone who considers Sakura, Hinata, Temari, Konan or any other female character in the Naruto franchise worthy of the title ‘strong female character’, I DON’T think you are stupid.

But I think you are kidding yourself.

I am not going to explain why these characters are not ‘strong female characters’. I don’t need to. These female characters do not behave like realistic female HUMAN BEINGS.

Where is your dignity? I know where mine is. I am not going to draw inspiration from caricatures of females that were clearly created to insult my gender and pacify the destructive, narcissistic insecurity of some young boys.

I recognize the value that these characters may have for many young anime fans. But that value is equivalent to the nutritional value of the small unrotten part of an otherwise rotten thought-nugget.

Readers of ShawarmaHead Studios know that I, ShawarmaHead, love my thought nuggets. Readers of ShawarmaHead Studios also know that I, ShawarmaHead only value good, wholesome thought-nuggets.

The female characters of the Naruto franchise would have been excellent thought-nuggets, but the chef Masashi Kishimoto CHOSE to not to serve them properly.

I, ShawarmaHead, do not eat poorly served thought nuggets. If you do not respect your dish, I will not touch it.

I repeat. Where is your dignity? I know where mine is. I consume GOOD thought-nuggets produced by chefs who understand how to make GOOD thought-nuggets.

If you want to experience a ‘strong female character’ or rather a competent human female character check out Yuki Suetsugu’s Chihayafuru. You will find good thought nuggets from every female AND male character in that dish.






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  1. John Jr says:

    Hello Sharwarmaheadstudios,

    I agree, and this is a problem that I have also noticed in a variety of other anime; it is sad to see that happening now-a-days especially.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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  2. Irma Delaine says:

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    1. Hi Irma!
      I’m so sorry I did not see this comment! It was marked as spam. Thank you for the comment. Honestly, you just made my day. I hope you enjoy reading the other thought-nuggets on here when you have the time.


      1. John Jr says:

        Hello Sharwarmaheadstudios,,

        I am sorry to say, but I think that Irma is possibly just a spam bot or something; I could be wrong though.

        I assume this because of the link that they have listed as their website, the fact that they do not have a Profile / Gravatar Profile, and because they did not say anything specific about the post itself.

        -John Jr


      2. Do you think so? You have more experience than I do.

        I did notice that they didn’t say anything specifically about my post. They did mention the theme/ design (but that could be applied to blog if it is a bot aimed at random blog sites). I HAVE however been using SEO to try to have my blog pages reach a higher rank in search results in search engines like google and bing so I was worried that this was a real person.

        What has your experience been with this? I clicked on the profile name and despite not linking to a profile, it DOES like to a page of sorts that is powered by WordPress.

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      3. John Jr says:

        Hello Sharwarmaheadstudios,

        It can sometimes be tough to tell, but I am leaning toward yes but it is a bit close.

        Some do use WordPress powered websites (in this case self-hosted instead of because it is pretty popular and free and open source, that can make it harder to tell, and some even have blogs.

        Another reason I lean toward yes is that they did not link to their home page, but to a specific post.

        Another thing that I try to use to help me tell, besides assuming that anything in Spam is spam until proven otherwise (Akismet is pretty good at detecting spam, but it does make a few mistakes sometimes; it happens to me sometimes if I use more than two or three links in a comment), is that I will look at the website if I do not think that it is dangerous (I do not recommend on clicking on links in comments marked as spam without at least checking the links on and / or and / or another website that will check links against blacklists to see if they are marked as malicious / suspicious / grayware before clicking on them, but they are not usually so good at detecting grayware (spam, scam, phishing, et cetera so even if a link shows up clear they still could be untrustworthy and malicious even) so that I can see if they ever reply to comments made on their website / blog.

        Usually they will not reply to comments or even have any comments on their websites.

        According to URLVoid that domain was only registered 1 month ago, usually malicious and grayware domains are young like that because they are usually only kept around briefly before being deleted or changed to new domains, and so that can be another warning sign.

        Akismet blocks most of the spam pretty well, it is pretty rare for it to have false positives, and so it is usually correct.

        But in difficult to tell situations I will allow the comment and then I will reply to it asking a question or something to test whether they will respond or not and / or comment on another post, and if they do not respond and / or if they never comment again and / or if their next comment is also super generic / spam-like then I will mark the comment(s) as spam again.

        The spammers try various tricks, super generic comments are one of them, sometimes they are pretty good at fooling us; and they try to adapt, and it will probably get worse in the future when they get artificial intelligence to help them seem more human by being able to respond and comment more human-like.

        Be careful and stay safe out there online, I recommend making sure that you have an anti-malware / anti-virus program installed that has real-time protection (Windows 8 – 10 has a free one already built-in called Windows Defender, which is what I am using, but it does not have web protection unfortunately; but most do) and use an adblocking extension for your browser (like Ublock Origin),


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