I, ShawarmaHead, am campaigning to make this an official meme template called ‘The Passive Aggressive Canadian’

Note: This post may be edited in the future to add more detail and accuracy.

I, ShawarmaHead have finally found the hill that I want to die on.

Rick Mercer needs to become a meme.

When did I decide this? Just now while sitting in my university library. Yes, I go to school and make memes.

Don’t know who Rick Mercer is? You’re probably not Canadian.

If you don’t think Canadians are passive aggressive, then you are definitely not a Canadian.

I mean, COME ON. We, Canadians are human! That negativity has to go somewhere. Especially when we live next door to The Greatest S***show down south (I don’t like swearing but still want to make the joke).

Anyways, here is the meme. Get busy.

the passive aggressive canadian




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