Fruits Basket & Skip Beat: Two Anime Adaptations That Need To Be Continued

Fruits Basket

***Note: I started this post BACK in Oct 2018 before I found out about the Fruits Basket Reboot (Very Excited)

ayame shigeru
One of the many many great moments of Fruits basket… which was literally EVERY moment.

Words can not express how underappreciated this manga series is. In fact, I plan to make a blog post about it.

I ADORED this series. I don’t think I can fully express the unbelievable bias.

It is not often that I can return to something that I enjoyed as a teenager and ACTUALLY LIKE IT EVEN MORE! Only the most timeless of dishes have that kind of effect.

adorable aang
Just like how timeless this ADORABLE picture of Aang is.

There were SO MANY emotional stories and character arcs packed into 132 chapters. And I remember each and every single one.

The Kyo/Yuki Dynamic, Shigure’s enigmatic possessiveness and manipulation, Everything about Hanajima and Uotani, Hatori’s guilt and tragic love story, Everything about Momiji, Kisa and Tohru is #siblinggoals, Hatsuharu just being such a good person, Rin’s unbelievable strength despite her suffering physical and emotional abuse, the friendship origin story of Hanajima, Uotani and Tohru, The Cinderella play, the Yuki fan club (I love these guys), Kimi from the student council is the most lovable self-centered beauty (also I wanted her hair), Machi and how she made me cry, Yuki and Kakeru’s friendship is such a genuine beauty,  Hiro is such a jewel, Hanajima’s little brother’s comradery with his sister reminds me of my brother and I, I can actually hear Ayame’s voice in the manga

And of course. Everything about Honda Tohru

Honda Tohru provokes so much emotion in me from how the author was able to communicate the magic of her kindness and its effect on the Zodiac members. If she is a Mary Sue character, she is the most successful Mary Sue character.

tohru honda the best thing ever.gif
She would be the person to say this to everyone AND MEAN IT.

Not once did I cringe at the melodrama. Because the melodrama was well deserved. The mangaka of this story had a remarkable ability to make me feel so much emotional connection with these characters in ways that NO OTHER MANGA/ANIME EVER HAS.

Not even Hunter X Hunter.

Seriously. You want to learn to write a good intellectual and unique fantasy story, watch Hunter X Hunter.

You want to learn how to write tears out of my eyes, read Fruits Basket.

crying at fruits basket
This image has been cosigned by ShawarmaHead X100000000000000000000000

I have recommended the upcoming 2019 anime to anyone I know who has even a remote interest in anime. I suggest you do the same.

Since you are now CLEARLY convinced that you need to revisit the beauty that is Fruits Basket, watch the trailer to the upcoming 2019 anime adaptation before you scream-send the trailer to all your friends prompting them to immediately block you on all social media platforms because you spammed them 1000 times the way I told you to.


Skip Beat

HOOOOOOOOOO. I will NEVER EVER forget this story. Not for as long as I live. No other character has ever had such an inspiring hard working story than Mogami Kyoko (Naruto set up unrealistic expectations and had genetic advantages so he wasn’t that inspiring).

skip beat kyoko
I actually believe the pink jumpsuit. Sorry Naruto.

She is the successful Haruno Sakura character whose personality is very relatable to a teenaged female audience. Watching her rise to closer and closer to fame with some of her most unlikely abilities (e.g. cutting daikon radish into a flower, being able to perform a perfect tea ceremony) in combination with her terrifying will power (e.g. SITTING ON HER BROKEN ANKLE – I have had a broken ankle before, LIKE HELL YOU MOVE LET ALONE SIT ON IT!)

the face of someone in pain
Would you guess that THIS is the face of someone in EXCRUCIATING PAIN?!

The biggest crime the anime creators made was ending the anime right before one of the best scenes in the entire show. The even bigger mistake they made was ending the show before we got to see Kyoko REALLY start to get revenge on Sho.

punchable faces of sho
One of the many punchable faces of Fuwa Shotaro.

Then again since when is an anime ending early NOT a crime against ShawarmaHead Studios.






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