TOYT – Fruits Basket: Japanese Voice Actor Greetings!

So the voice actors of Tohru, Kyo and Yuki were just introduced to us. Just another reminder that this amazing manga is FINALLY being adapted all the way to the end!!!

Oh, the feasts of thought-nuggets this manga has produced…



It was lovely to hear them reiterate how beloved this manga was worldwide.

Over 40 million copies!!

The three voice actors briefly discussed the history of their characters as well as their personalities.

Iwaki Manama will be voicing Honda Tohru. I can not find any information on her previous voice acting experience. If she is a new voice actor I am even more excited. I love new talents when they come into a big franchise.

Shimazaki Nobunaga will be voicing Sohma Yuki. Many may recognize his other voice acting roles such as Haruka Nanase (Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club) & Yuno (Black Clover).

Uchida Yuma will be voicing Sohma Kyo. He is known for a few big roles as well including EishirĊ Yabuki from The Asterisk War.

Watch the video down here



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