Chef(s): Writers, anyone who creates anything that we consume at ShawarmaHead Studios

Dishes: pieces of media

Fast: brief abstinence from certain thought-nuggets. Helps you focus on things you may not have considered before. It’s a good exercise to reflect on things. You break the fast when you have the The Iftar. 

Feast: The big picture.

Restaurants: Disney, Universal Studios, Studio Ghibli, basically any studio is a restaurant with a menu of dishes (pieces of fiction) that we can consume. They all have their own brand and style that we can expect from them.

ShawarmaHead: The state of mind you enter when consuming some good dishes and eating a good chicken shawarma wrap. You see thought nuggets EVERYWHERE.

ShawarmaLife: The philosophy of SHS. The belief that every piece of fiction has value.

The Iftar: An all-out buffet after you have your fast. You return to the table with a newer mindset due to the fast and can now better enjoy the feast.

Thought-Nugget: Just another word for Food for Thought. Its SHS’s way of saying “Just something to think about or chew on”.