Why ShawarmaHead?

Because I love Shawarma. Specifically chicken shawarma. If you know any good places hook me up

“Down with Shawarma.” — My Little Brother (Before he converted to ShawarmaLife)

Correction: He claims he didn’t….. But he will…. soon.

Don’t know why WordPress is being so philosophical about my first post. Anyways, until I find stock footage of shawarma, you can enjoy this unrelated sunset.


Also, this is a blog talking about my favorite pieces of fiction. Not a cooking blog. I EAT shawarma not MAKE it.

Some things to start us off:

  • Stephanie Meyer did nothing wrong
  • Ghibli > Disney (I WILL be irrational about this)
  • Anime is…TBD
  • I recently developed a love for Mean Girls Characters. All of them. Regina George, Alison DeLaurentis, Sharpay Evans, Blair Waldorf etc. They may be YOUR trash but they’re MY treasure.
  • I don’t know how I feel about Legend of Korra but I want to own a compound like Suyin Beifong.